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Cleythil ecologisch profiel

Hotel Cleythil Maldegem Brugge 

Cleythil environmental "green key" program


In order to save nature, the Cleythil Hotel  tries  to contribute by working as harmless as possible.

An important part of this is the minimalisation of waste water.

Despite the Cleythil Hotel only uses the ECOVERwashing products in order to minimalize the content of polluting detergents ŕnd treats its waste water in its own purification station, it still remains important to minimalise the washing of towels; if you are willing to re-use your towel, please hang it on the hook or  put it on the rack; only if you want your towel to be replaced, leave it on the floor. 

Using less energy means lower energy invoices... But it mainly means less airpollution ! Therefore the rooms’ airconditioning & heatingsystem will automatically stop working when you open your window. Further on, in summertime we advise to close your curtains to avoid the room becoming too hot...

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